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Premium Stamping Accessories from Clearsnap®
color box pigment inkpads
ColorBox® Pigment Ink Pads
Colors are approximations.
Vibrant archival colors on 2" x 3" raised foam pads (can be used with any size stamp)
Single colors -- $5.95 each
PI-01 Black
PI-02 Frost White

Three-color -- $6.50 each
PI-05 Christmas (scarlet, gold, green on one pad)
Temporarily out of stock -
come back soon or email us!
PI-10 Greenery (lime, fresh green, green)
PI-11 Electric (turquoise, orchid, violet)
PI-12 Carousel (pink, sky blue, mint)

Five-and six-color -- $6.95 each
PI-03 Primary (five colors -- canary, orange, scarlet, cyan, fresh green)
PI-07 Tropical (pastel shades of canary yellow, apricot, orchid, heliotrope (violet), fresh green)
Twilight colors
PI-09 Twilight (cool shades of pink, orchid, lilac, heliotrope, and violet)
Confetti colors
PI-13 Confetti (cyan, magenta, orange, marigold, black)
Holiday colors
PI-14 Holiday (scarlet, silver, gold, cranberry, evergreen)

Metallic -- $7.95 each
PI-04 Treasure (three metallic colors -- silver, gold, copper)

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