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Peg Stamp Sets
Small stamps packaged as a kit - you save money! These tiny stamp sets contain popular words & phrases on wood mounts. Use them to add positive sentiments to your cards, scrapbook pages, and other art projects. Pixie Expressions stamps are 3/8” deep and 7/8” to 2 5/8” long, peg stamps are 3/8" x 3/8" and 1 1/4" high.
STM-03 Art Pixie Expressions Set
11 words/phrases included: Art is about Mystery - Marisol; I shut my eyes in order to See- Cezanne; Painting is Self-Discovery - Jackson Pollock; Art takes Nature as its model - Aristotle; Color; Use your Imagination; Vision; Art is Love; Create; Express; Emotion
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STM-06 Travel Pixie Expressions Set
10 words/phrases included: World Traveler; Passport to Adventure; Take the High Road; Journey of the Heart; Destination Unknown; Escape; Sail Away; Explore; Travel; Trek
STM-07 Romance Pixie Expressions Set
10 words/phrases included: Dream of Me; Open Your Heart; Happily Ever After; Let Yourself Go; Trust in...Love; Desire; Soul Mate; Passion; Heart; Love
STM-08 Friendship Pixie Expressions Set
10 words/phrases included: Friends are Forever; You are My Friend; The Best in You; Gift of Oneself; You are My Inspiration; Laugh; Best Friends; Friend; Trust; Support
STM-09 Affirmations Pixie Expressions Set
10 words/phrases included: Believe In Yourself; Treasure the Moment; Cherish Your Family; Follow Your Dreams; Find Peace Within; Truth; Be a Friend; Laugh; Share; Love
STM-10 Baby Pixie Expressions Set
11 words/phrases included: Precious Little Angel; Little Bundle of Joy; Peek-a-Boo; Rock-a-Bye Baby; Whaa!; Little Prince; Baby; Little Princess; Ma-Ma; Baby Boo; Sweet Pea
STM-22 Creative Words Set
14 words included: passion, create, beauty, explore, journey, dream, love, believe, imagine, hope, truth, inspire, discover, free
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STM-23 Everyday Accents Set
30 tiny designs included: 5-point star, smiley, peace symbol, circle, daisy, flower, five-petal flower, butterfly, leaf, spiral, cross, star of David, handprint, footprint, pawprint, sun, crescent moon, snowflake, ladybug, yin/yang, diamond, club, spade, heart, horseshoe, scallop shell, dove, lips, nautilus, music note
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