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New! Art Stamp Maker
Have you ever wanted to make stamps from your own designs and save money in the process? Now you can! This complete kit comes with everything you need and full instructions on a CD, plus supplies and instructions to make stencils and labels, and even etch glass! All you supply is the artwork (your own or copyright-free designs). The steps below show how easy it is to do!

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(A Simple 6 Step - 12 Minute Process)

1. Make Your Copy of Artwork on Your Computer.
Make Your Copy or Artwork On YOUR Computer Or Even Scan it into Your Computer (Make sure it is copyright-free - you can't use someone else's copyrighted artwork!). Then You Can Print It Out On A Transparency Sheet which is in your Kit. (Now You Have a Positive Which can be used for Stencils, Decals, Nameplates etc.) But You Will Need a NEGATIVE For An Art Stamp or Rubber Stamp.

2. Print Your Artwork in Reverse or Use the Reversing Negatives Included.
You Can Have Your Computer Print out Your Artwork in REVERSE Like This or You Can Use The REVERSING NEGATIVES included in Your Kit. There are Complete Instructions for This Included And This Makes a very Professional Negative You Can Use Many Times.

3. Put Copy on the Double Glass Frame (Supplied In The Kit).
Put Copy on the Double Glass Frame (Supplied In The Kit). Place Rubber Dam Around Your Copy And Cover With Liqui-Stamp (Polymer). This Photo Shows The Liqui-Stamp Already Poured Over The Negative Copy. Note That Rubber Dam Material Is Placed Close To The Copy To Save on Liqui-Stamp Polymer.

4. Expose 8 Minutes In The Art Stamp Maker.
Expose 8 Minutes In The Art Stamp Maker. This Allows the Liquid Photopolymer to Harden And Create A Commercial Quality Art Stamp. To Make a Full Plate of Art Stamps of About 4 1/2" 5 1/2" The Time Would be a few minutes longer. During This Exposure Time You Will Find Plenty To Do By Trimming And Gluing Your Previous Stamps.

5. Wash Off Excess Unexposed Liqui-Stamp.
Wash Off Excess Unexposed Liqui-Stamp With Brush Provided And Check To See If Stamp Is Completely Clean and Ready to Trim and Mount. Be Sure And Save The Copy Negative To Use Over And Over Again. The Negative Copy (Made On The Reversing Negative) Will Make Many, Many Exposures.

6. Dry And Glue On Stamp Mount Of Your Choice And Trim To Size.
Dry And Glue On Stamp Mount Of Your Choice And Trim To Size. You Now Have A Commercial Quality ART STAMP In Less Than 15 Minutes! And You Can Make Up To 25 Square Inches At One Time. By Making A Large Number At A Time It Saves You Both Time And Money. Put Your Copy Close Together And Then Cut Them Apart (Carefully). In This Way You Will Get The Maximum Results From Each Batch.

You can also put your designs on stencils (included in the kit) for painting on various surfaces..

or even etching on glass! (all supplies and instructions included).

Ready to order the Mark-560 or Mark-680 Art Stamp Makers, or would you like more information? Just follow the link below! The link will bring you to the Martronics Corporation home page, which sells the Etch-O-Matic... simply scroll down and press the button on the left marked "Art Rubber Stamps" to enter that section, check it out, and place your order. You can also check out Craft Stencils, Glass Etching, Sign-O-Matic, and even the Etch-O-Matic metal etcher itself! There's something for everybody!

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