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New! Sunprint Kits
Welcome to the Wonderful World of Sunprint® Kits. You just need water, sunshine, and a little imagination for hours of fun making photographic-type prints with the Sunprint Kit. To make a Sunprint, place an interesting object on a sheet of Sunprint paper, expose it to the sun for a few minutes, immerse the paper in water, and watch as a permanent image appears. This seems to be acid-free and archival, I have Sunprints I made 20 years ago and kept in a manila envelope.. still bright and non-yellowed! Great for scrapbooking.
See instructions and tips!

SUN-1 Super Sunprint Kit 14.95
(15 - 20" x 30" cm sheets paper, 1 clear acrylic sheet)
SUN-2 Super Sunprint Refill 10.95
(15 - 20" x 30" cm sheets paper)

(examples from the makers of Sunprints)

To see more examples of what you can do with Sunprints, check out the cyanotype art at ASLstuff.

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