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Temporary Tattoo Markers, Pads, & Stencils Q's and A's from Tsukineko
Question: Are Sparkle Tattoo and For Now Tattoos interchangeable?
Answer: Absolutely! Both the daubers as well as the stencils can be mixed for added color variety and design.

Question: How long does a For Now™ Tattoo last?
Answer: Depending upon an individual’s skin type, it can last longer on some than others. On average, a tattoo will last up to 3 days. However, it can be removed at anytime.

Question: Does a tattoo stay on after a shower?
Answer: You can keep a tattoo on even after a shower. Just let the water run over the tattoo and pat dry tattooed area with towel. Do not rub. Avoid soapy water on tattooed surface. Water agitation may cause the ink to peel off of the skin.

Question: Are the stencils reusable?
Answer: The stencils can be re-used approximately 4-5 times until the adhesive starts to wear off. Using the stencils with care will prolong usage. Always wipe off excess ink after usage.

Question: What is the difference between Tattoo Daubers and Sparkle Tattoo Daubers?
Answer: Sparkle Tattoo ink has glitter in the ink that make it truly sparkle. Tattoo Daubers come in matte and pearlescent colors that make your temporary tattoos look like that real thing. Tattoo Daubers can apply 80-100 tattoos and Sparkle Tattoo Daubers can apply approximately 15-20 tattoos.

Question: Is the For Now Tattoo ink safe on skin?
Answer: Yes, it is a water-based, acid-free, hypo-allergenic cosmetic-grade pigment ink that does not penetrate your pores. It is safe on adults as well as children.

Question: Is For Now™ similar to the henna tattoos?
Answer: No, it is completely different. Henna will dye the skin which makes it last much longer, you do not have control over how long it lasts. For Now™ remains on the surface of the skin which allows for easy removal. Also, For Now™ is much more colorful. Easy to use inks and tattoo stencils only take 2 minutes to apply.

Question: Can I prolong the life of For Now™ tattoos by spraying something on it?
Answer: We do not guarantee that a type of spray will make your tattoos stay on longer. However, since our pads and daubers are concentrated with ink that will do multiple applications, you can always put new ones on according to your mood and style.

Question: Why are For Now™ tattoos better than transfer tattoos?
Answer: Transfer tattoos tend to become flaky and very hard to remove over time. For Now™ tattoos stay on the skin beautifully and are easy to remove with soap and water. Also, transfer tattoos are one time usage whereas For Now™ tattoo stencils and ink can be used a multiple amount of times and they look more like the real thing.

Question: Which colors are the most popular?
Answer: The most popular color is Ebony and Henna. But because our tattoos are meant to be an accessory item, many people like to make their tattoos colorful.

How to use For Now™ Tattoo Daubers 
The New Tattoo Dauber is ink and applicator in one sleek, convenient package. Ink formula is longer lasting on the skin than the original Ink Pads for a lasting, water-resistant tattoo every time. Yet the gentle formula still removes easily with soap and water.
Results typically last 3 – 4 days depending on skin type.
1. Make sure skin is clean, dry and lotion-free.
2. Remove the ink tube from inside the Dauber case.
3. Unscrew the tube from the bottom of container.
4. Apply a small amount of ink to the sponge applicator by gently tapping the ink nozzle against the sponge. Ink must be applied evenly and sparingly.
5. Apply the For Now™ stencil by peeling it off the backing paper and attach it on desired surface.
6. Dab the inked sponge against the skin, making sure to cover the entire stenciled image.

7. Gently peel off the stencil and re-attach it to the backing paper.
8. Use a wet tissue or a baby wipe to clean the stencil. Disposable stencils are reusable. Let ink dry completely.
Sparkle Tattoo Daubers are even simpler to use, as the sponge applicator is pre-inked. Just follow steps 5-8.

Tattoo Daubers and Sparkle Tattoo Daubers can also be used with rubber stamps (bold designs seem to work best). Dab the inked sponge on the rubber stamp, then carefully apply to skin. You can use more than one color on the stamp. Let dry, and you can carefully fill in areas with another color, or add details with tattoo markers.

Tips on using For Now™ Tattoo Daubers
·Wipe the surface of the skin with rubbing alchohol prior to tattooing. This will clean the skin as well as prolong the life of a tattoo.
· Allow ink to set on skin for a few hours before exposing to water to get the longest lasting tattoo
· Do not use pressure when squeezing ink from the tube. You may end up with too much ink on your applicator, which could take away from achieving optimal results. Dab ink onto the sponge sparingly.
· Mix colors for an ultra intriguing effect

Tips on using For Now™ Tattoo Markers
· Use the markers to create words or messages to enhance your stenciled tattoo design.
· Markers contain a dye based ink, different from the pigment based ink contained in the Tattoo Daubers and Ink Pads. Therefore, results may be more difficult to remove than our other inks. Temporary staining may occur depending on skin type.
· Use the Markers to outline or draw shadows of a stenciled design. Embellishments add a unique touch and are made easy with the dual tips.

How to use For Now™ and Sparkle Tattoo Stencils  
· To use: Make sure skin is clean, dry and lotion-free. Gently peel protective backing off of the stencil. Place on skin in desired position. Tap ink onto the stencil and repeat until desired intensity is achieved. Remove stencil by gently peeling from the skin.
· The stencil does not need to lie precisely flat against the skin. Just get it as close to flat as you can. For instance, wrists can be difficult to lay the stencil smoothly against. With For Now™ stencils, that’s not a problem. Proceed with inking and when you peel it off, you’ll see that precise details still come out! Remember: achieve desired color intensity with multiple thin layers of ink.
· To clean: Stick the stencil back onto the protective backing. Use a baby wipe or a damp cloth to wipe the stencil clean. Stencils are typically reusable approximately 4 to 5 times. Results vary according to skin type.

The stencils can be used on other surfaces..make a tattoo card, decorate a box, etc..etc.. the possibilities are endless!
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